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Our classic reproduction, reclaimed furniture, wooden outdoor furniture, based on indentations, turns, and handmade engravings. Blending traditional style and making a blend of luxury and harmony, we develop all styles of European, Asian and Middle Eastern styles in combination with the richest fabrics and foams. Our colors and finishes range from coloring and painting, marquetry and parquet, exposure to natural grains, brass, bronze, silver, gold leaf or spray. Complementing our range of products, we actively activate our original and special products that discuss recycled materials and metals for our collection of industrial and green concepts. With us, the main collection always comes at a reasonable price.

companies that have several products, from furniture reproduction classic categories including dining room, living room, Bed room, kitchen, Loose, and Home office and in the reclaimed furniture category namely dining room, living room, drawer, bar room, chairs, table, miscellaneous, stool, reclaimed well door and there is a wooden outdoor furniture category that has products such as outdoor dining set, outdoor living set, lounger with various materials made of wood, we sell the best wood from several regions in Indonesia that have the best quality and materials – Lemhanas wood material is very strong and we export large quantities throughout the world from Asia to America, we also do some special designs Derived from wood.

Jln. Sultan Hadlirin KM 4.5, Langon, Jepara 59427,
Central Java, Indonesia
Tel. +62-291-596578
Fax. +62-291-596579

Products : Indoor Furniture
Specialty : Classic and Reclaimed Design
Material : Teak & Mahogany Wood
Production capacity : 5 x 40HC containers per month
Warehouse : 8.000 m2
Number of employee : 60 persons
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