Wooden Drawer Furniture – Reclaimed Drawer Furniture

Reclaimed Drawer Furniture

The drawer is a box-shaped container that matches a piece of furniture in such a way that it can be pulled out horizontally to reach its contents. Drawers are built into various types of furniture, including cabinets, drawers chests (bureaus) and the like. Drawers can be made in various ways using various materials. Wood and various wood composites, sheet metal, and plastic are common materials used for drawers and furniture where the drawers are located.

Wooden drawers are often designed so that the front face is complete and the end grain from the side pieces is not visible. Angles may be appropriate for additional strength or for aesthetics, and half-blind post joints can be used for front corners to hide joints. To install the bottom of the drawer, the grooves can be cut in four vertical sections to insert the bottom of the drawer.

Most older or inexpensive furniture and cabinets use wooden sliders, where slide drawers are opened or closed. Wooden slides can be lubricated with paraffin wax. Newer furniture and cabinets can use plastic friction slides, or more complicated bearing slides, which will provide finer operations with less bonding. There are various types of slide bearings, such as linear ball bearing slides, roller bearing slides, progressive action slides. Modern slide drawers are usually categorized as installed.