Wooden Loose Furniture – Classic Loose Furniture

Classic Furniture

Loose Furniture is a type of furniture that includes a sofa, living room table, stool (single sofa without backrest), table corner sofa, etc. While the example for Build in Furniture includes a TV planting cabinet, the decoration cabinet is embedded permanently on the wall of the room.

To facilitate you in selecting and determining Loose Furniture, it is advisable you to make clipping furniture and accessories that you have chosen from the reference already collected. Then bring it when going to shop furniture and accessories. This is to focus you on the theme and atmosphere of the Dream family room that you want to be created and avoid the waste of buying furniture and accessories that are not needed, we offer them in a classic style.

we will help you present the atmosphere of the past in the future, if you have a number of carrying out and successful designs we can welcome with custom designs and modifications, the furniture we prepare is made from wood originating from native Indonesia and our craftsmen are originally from Indonesia. In the furniture industry for more than two decades, we always prioritize product quality