Modern Bed Room Set : Alladin Style

Bed Room Wooden

Bed Room Set   Wisanka makes it easy for you to complete the bedroom with 1 Set consisting of 1 dressing mirror as well as 2 small tables and 1 cupboard with a sizable size. Has an elegant black dominant color ready to make the room tidue feel more premium and certainly comfortable.

The bed has a size of 1135x800x750 CM and each vanity table has a size of 103x110x89 CM.

Make your bedroom look more modern with Calissta Dining Set. Want to take it right away and enjoy more maximum resting moments? Contact the staff marketing Wisanka immediately for more information or shopping now at

Alladin style can be combined with wood material so that anyone who is in bed will always squeeze comfortably and will enjoy sleeping with a sense of delightAlladin Style in Combination with wooden make enjoy.


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