Bedroom with royal design

Arthur Classic Bed Room

In decorating a space, it is often stuck in a desire to replicate inspiring works of others to achieve a certain style. But, sometimes forget about what really makes you happy, and what’s important when decorating the room.For example decorating the sleeping space. This room should be styled to be comfortable and friendly when used. The space that will make the person sleeping in it can feel comfortable and safe.

So how to make the bedroom to be comfortable and enjoyable? Here are the tips to decorate your bedroom to make it look modern, practical and comfortable at the same time.Reported from Homedit, Thursday, November 30, 2017, there are a lot of modern style bedroom ideas. Important details that mark all modern rooms are focused on the functional value of the room.

Using multifunctional furniture is a good step in creating a modern sleeping space. Another characteristic of modern space is the use of lines and shapes that are clean and straight.The clean and straight ones are no need to use any accessories or furniture that doesn’t have a good function, just use the furniture that they need.

To avoid making the modern bedroom look too simple, use a combination of color and texture and be sure to create one or more focal points. For example, a hanging lamp could be an eye-catching element for the room. The same role can be done by an accent chair that is laid casually in a corner or near a window.

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