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Jepara Furniture Manufacturer

Jepara Furniture Manufacturer

Jepara Furniture Manufacturer. Meubel, also known as furniture, appliances are considered an impressive decorative highlight in a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or corporate office. Furniture is a collection of various products, such as chairs, tables, beds, wardrobes, bookshelves, tea cabinets, cupboards, … These products are designed according to many schools. It can be simple, innovative, comfortable, suitable for modern spaces. Also sophisticated, elegant design, carries a classic direction. Apart from the school, furniture also respects the beauty, elegance, and wealth of the house. This is the reason why, after hundreds of years of development, furniture is still very prosperous, especially wooden furniture.


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So, what are customers asking? If you have a need to order wood furniture products, do not hesitate to contact Jepara Wooden Furniture immediately and always via the live chat below, or send an inquiry on the Contact Us page. Certainly, you will be consulted on the product you want at the most competitive cost on the market.


1. Upscale living room furniture, with thousands of beautiful designs, rich types

The living room is the center of a house, filled with beautiful interior models, showing the aesthetic and personality of the top owner. So, what products should Jepara Furniture Manufacturer have for living room furniture?

Includes familiar categories such as wooden furniture ; Wooden Sofa and Chairs; Sofa; Wooden Bed and Chairs.

– Shoe Cabinets:Cabinets are Thickusually divided into two main categories, namely Natural Wood Slipper Thick Cabinets and Industrial Wood Shoe Cabinets.

– TV Shelf: Divided into 6 main groups including Wooden TV Shelf; TV Wall Shelf; Industrial Wood TV Shelf; Modern TV shelf; Incense Wood TV Shelf.

– Shoe Racks and Wine Cabinets: For these two wood furniture product lines, it is also divided into two main groups, namely those made of natural wood or high-grade industrial wood.

2. Bedroom Furniture brings a warm, comfortable, happy feeling to your beloved family.

  • Beds, Wardrobes, Bedroom Furniture, Dressers, Bedside Cabinets, Bunk Beds or Bedroom Sets are the familiar items in Bedroom Furniture, divided into two groups of Teak and Common Wood. 
  • For Beds, Wardrobes , Bedroom Furniture, Dressers, Bedside Cabinets or Bedroom Sets, this product line is divided into two main categories. The first is products made of teak wood, such as teak cabinets, teak dressers, … and the second is products made from teak, high-grade local goods ( beds teak, teak cabinets , tables andchairs bedroom teak, etc.).

3. Kitchen Furniture has three main product lines with hundreds of beautiful designs.

  • Kitchen Cabinets: Dining Sets; Dining Room Chairs are 3 main keywords related to Kitchen Furniture, as well as the 3 main product lines of the Kitchen Furniture section of our Jepara Furniture Company.
  • Kitchen cabinets are divided into 5 main categories, namely Teak Kitchen Cabinets, L-shaped Kitchen Cabinets, Modern Kitchen Cabinets, Classic Kitchen Cabinets and Teak Kitchen Cabinets. The main type that is currently the best selling on the market is the Modern Dining Table Set, suitable for many customers today. Finally, there are also Dining Room Chairs. Most of the Dining Room Chairs are made of teak wood, with many sophisticated designs and various colors. To be sure, it will be the ideal companion for your family kitchen.

4. Furniture in the Worship Room is indispensable

  • furniture for the Worship Room is divided into 4 main product groups, namely Altar; Church wardrobe; Fortune God Altar and Wall Mounted Altar. Each category has its own product line, rich and varied in shape, perfect for customers who wish to worship Buddha or Grandparents and Ancestors.
  • Usually the Altar; The worship cabinet is made of natural or industrial wood, with many ancient patterns such as dragon, worship, four-quarters, flowers, flowers, … In general, following a classic and refined style. the solemn feeling of the place of worship. And the Altar is perfect for business people, traders who want to demand a fortune, the way of doing business continues to develop. While the Wall Mount Altar is perfect for small rooms, want to be more economical.

5. Children Furniture with many lively and interesting themes, perfect for your

  • baby. Bunk Beds, Baby Beds, Baby Wardrobes and Student Desks are the 4 main product lines in the Children Furniture category. Each of these product lines has a different type. Examples are Baby Bunk Beds with Baby Girl Bunk Beds and Boy Bunk Beds; Beds For Baby Girls, Baby Cots For Boys; Baby Girl Wardrobe, Baby Boy Wardrobe.
  • In particular, the Student Desks product line features Teak Study Desks; Teak Wood Study Table; School Desks For Boys; School Desks For Girls; Student Desk With Bookshelf; Class 1 Baby Table. This product line or group has hundreds or thousands of models, and customers will choose the best product for themselves.

6. Sofa has up to 12 product lines, with different designs and colors

  • Sofa has 12 product lines, including Living Room Sofas; Corner sofa; Sofa Bed; Bedroom Sofa; Single Sofa; Don Sofa; Round Sofa; Sofa; Lovers Sofa and Karaoke Sofa; Sofa Tea Table. For this sofa line, Jepara Wood Furniture has nearly a thousand different models. From elegant designs, suitable for modern spaces to sophisticated designs suitable for classic rooms and innovative sofa products, are the choice for neoclassical homes and offices.
  • From white, black, blue, gray, brown to beautiful patterns, combined with a mirror table, this sofa promises a stylish living space for customers. However, sincere advice to customers, if your home or office space is large enough, then choose this product group. In contrast, simple space, simple wooden furniture is the most accurate decision.

7. Office Furniture provides countless conveniences, ideal for workplaces.

  • Jepara Teak Furniture Office Furniture has Desks (Teak Tables, Teak Tables, Computer Desks, Director Desks, Headsets, Staff Desks); Table meeting; Filing Cabinets (Teak Filing Cabinets, Teak Wood Filing Cabinets); Reception Desk and Office Chairs (Swivel Chair, Folding Chair, Director Chair, Kneeling Chair, Hall Chair, Office Mesh Chair).
  • Depending on the needs and “allowance” of companies or individuals, you can choose your own office furniture products that you like the most. With a simple but no less elegant design, of course the products we listed above will present the most ideal utility for customers.

8. Wood Crafts and Wooden Partitions – Wooden Floors and Wooden Doors – Wooden Stairs.

  • Water Hyacinth and Wooden Sculpture are two of Fine Furniture product lines. While the wooden partitions have a living room partition, bedroom partition and stair partition. This category has many different models, you can choose your favorite product for make-up for your home or office space, company – where you work.
  • Parquet is divided into two main categories, namely Teak Flooring and other types of Wood Flooring. Wooden Door including 1 Door Wooden Door Model, 2 Door Wooden Door Model, 3 Door Wooden Door Pattern, Limwood Door, Car Wood Door, Oak Door, Wooden Window. And finally the wooden stairs, this type of ladder is usually made of teak wood, but if you are more “willing to play”, you can choose a ladder made of natural wood.


1. Jepara furniture is made from the best materials.

  • Models: There are thousands, tens of thousands of beautiful and best-selling models on the market or new trends that we update on the web, creating diversity and richness of all product lines. Product. Thus, you can handpick a fun design that suits your aesthetic.
  • Material: Usually, all furniture products from Jepara Wood Furniture are made of two types of wood, teak wood and other types of wood. Teak is included in categories 1, 2 and 3. For other woods such as pine, trembesi, etc. we take them from Solo, Bojonegoro, etc.
  • Size: Desk, Cabinet, Bed, TV Shelf, Shoe Cabinet, …. There are many sizes, from small, medium to large. In order to choose the right product size, you need to clearly answer two problems, the first is demand and the second is the location and space to place the product, from which you need to choose an interior model. the most satisfying size.
  • Services: Currently, Jepara Wooden Furniture has two main services: selling available wooden furniture and closed cupboards, tables, chairs, beds, …. upon request. For the first service, you will save more money. But the second service, will help you meet the most detailed requirements, exactly what the customer wants.
  • Durability: Our wood furniture has a very long durability, such as industrial wood products with an age of 20-30 years, while products made from teak wood can last between 50 – 70 years. If the customer knows how to use and preserve, then the usage time will definitely be extended from 5 to 10 years.

2. Attractive offers that you get when making furniture at Jepara Wood Furniture

  • Cost: Because Jepara Wood Furniture has a workshop that makes products, works directly, not through intermediaries, so it has the most competitive costs in the market. You will choose the product you want at the price you like the most, we are very committed to this.
  • Enrichment: As we mentioned above, our furniture products are divided into 12 main categories, each with multiple product lines, each with a different category, creating diversity and style. Jepara Wood Furniture. So, you can choose the right product for your room.
  • Shipping: For shipping we serve domestic and overseas shipments, namely to all corners of the world. Jepara furniture manufacturer has collaborated with expeditions to export furniture all over the world. So we make sure that the furniture products you order will arrive at your house.
  • Dedication: We have an enthusiastic, dedicated sales team, who are sure to tell customers the product you want, as well as suitable for your family, office. Jepara Furniture Manufacturer is committed to selling only the products you ask for, not the products we need.


Apart from the above products, we also produce various kinds of furniture that you need to know such as teak furniture, teak wood furniture, teak classic furniture, reclaimed furniture, Jepara furniture, contemporary furniture, Green furniture, classic furniture, recycled furniture, etc. More detailed information about our products, please contact our marketing on the live chat below. thank you

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