The Importance of Caring for Classic Wood Furniture

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Wood furniture is popular because of its beauty, strength and durability at home. While some exotic or antique wood needs special care and maintenance, most wood furniture today is easy to clean and maintain. All it takes is a little maintenance and a few simple steps to keep your wooden furniture in top condition and look its best.

Wood Finish Determine Care

The final result in wood furniture determines the type of care and maintenance needed. There is a difference between the right method for cleaning soft (oil) coatings and hard coatings such as oil varnishes or polyurethanes. If you buy new wood furniture, then ask the store about the final results so you will know what type of cleaning and maintenance is needed. If you are not sure of the outcome, you can test it to determine what it is. Choose an inconspicuous place for testing so you don’t accidentally leave unsightly marks. Start with a few small drops of flaxseed oil gently rubbed on the wood. If it is absorbed into the wood, the wood has an oil coating and you can stop testing. However, if the beads rise, the wood has a hard coating and you must proceed with the next step.

Care and Maintenance of Wood Furniture

Take a few drops of denatured alcohol and apply it to the wood. If the end result is made of lacquer, it will dissolve quickly, but if it is made of varnish, the reaction will be much slower.

Use the right cleanser and polish

After you determine the surface on your wooden furniture, you can choose the right cleaner and polish for the type of finish. Never mix different types of nail polish or use nail polish that is not made for certain types of wood coatings. In general, you only need to polish every three to four months to keep your wooden furniture in good condition. Polishing too often or applying too much paint at one time can cause turbid, thin layers that reduce the look and feel of wood.

General Cleaning and Care

General cleaning and maintenance of wooden furniture are the same regardless of the finish on wood. Avoid using a wet cloth or mop, as this will stain and damage the wood. Clean your furniture regularly using a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner with a dust brush attachment. This will keep the accumulation of dirt to a minimum and help prevent scratches and dirt from sticking. Always use a coasters, place a mat or other protective material when placing anything on your wooden furniture. If water or other liquid spills on the wood, wipe it off immediately with a cloth. Never place hot objects directly on the wood of your furniture as this can discolor the final layer and leave a permanent mark on the wood. Protect your wooden furniture from exposure to sunlight, heat, cold, or an environment that is too moist or excessively dry. Use a thin curtain on the window to protect the decoration and furniture from the sun, and use a humidifier or de-humidifier as needed so that the air in the room is not too dry or too humid.

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Some Useful Tips for Maintaining Your Skin Furniture

1. Try to place your leather furniture in a location that will not be exposed to excessive sunlight which causes the color to fade.
2. Use color, blinds or curtains to help block UV rays. Window tinting often helps.
3. Maintain a safe distance between your leather furniture and the heat source in your home.
4. Keep sharp objects away from leather furniture. Pens, pencils, pets with sharp claws can make scratches.
5. Printer ink or magazines can soak into the skin if stored for a long time.

Cleansing (Finished Skin)

1. Place a small amount of soft soap and moisturizer such as Dove on a damp cloth and bring it to a mild foam.
2. Rub a damp cloth on the skin without too much water on the skin.
3. Clean the foam with a fresh, wet cloth. Do not rinse skin with water.
4. Polish skin with a dry towel.
5. Treat the skin with a skin conditioner after it is completely dry.

Cleaning (Unfinished Skin)

1. Use a cloth or sponge to rub the saddle soap onto the skin; work soap into a mild foam.
2. Clean the foam and let the air dry.
3. Skin oils with preservative skin such as fur oil.

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